Lukas Schmittner

Lukas Schmittner

The man who makes sure that our wonderful products can be enjoyed beyond “Poggio Rozzi”.

With unending resources of energy, and always cheerful and charming with our clients from around the world, he coordinates the sales and, with his catching enthusiasm and inimitable way, he is constantly convincing new people of the quality of our specialities and ideas.

Edoardo Galieni

A pillar of support for our company – and not only due to his stature!
Not only responsible for all the work in the wine cellar, he is also an extremely fussy inspector, in a positive sense, when it comes to checking the vines for harmful pests.

Always interested in his work and forever eager to broaden his already deep knowledge of his profession.

Eberhard Toggenburg

The chief technician for the wine production and the vineyard.

His main aim lies in bringing to life the philosophy behind our wine production and our striving for high quality. He sets the direction “Poggio Rozzi” is to take and decides, with the whole team, which way they should follow in order to fulfil and go beyond the aims of the estate.