Idda white

As white as a Merlot can be!

With a fruity freshness that you would never expect from a red grape, it’s the ideal wine for the coming spring and summer seasons.


We dedicate this particular wine to a strong and famous person in our family’s history; Saint Idda von Toggenburg.

She lived during the 12th century at the Alt-Toggenburg; the family’s main castle near the present Wil. After her husband’s early death, she devoted her life to charity and prayer. She spent her reclusive last years at the Benedictine monastery of Fischingen (within sight of the castle). She is also buried there in a chapel that is named after her.

The pilgrim church St. Iddaburg now stands at the earlier location of the Alt-Toggenburg Castle. Today, many people undertake visits to this location to help alleviate their various concerns. Visitors report feeling a special charisma and fascination at this place.

Wine description


Crystal clear, almost brilliant with light yellow reflections.



An interesting nose with aromas from citrus fruits, especially grapefruit and lemon grass.

On the palate, dry and fresh with well bound acidity, surprising body and a persistent finish.


Serve with:

Serve this All-New Toggenburg conception as a fresh aperitif but also with light starters or fish dishes, even Sushi.

Serving temperature 10°C


Grape variety:

100% Merlot

Wine Production

The Merlot grapes used exclusively to produce our white wine grow in one of the vineyards at “Poggio Rozzi”. Here the temperature is cooler than in other vineyards. The grapes are harvested in small crates to ensure that they are not injured. Once the individual grapes have been removed they are instantly pressed at low temperature, in an air-tight environment. This way we can achieve the unique white flavours without using chemical additives. Fermentation and a short breakdown of the yeast takes place in steel vats.